Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009 - rest day again... not!

actually not much of a rest day. not sure how this little inside joke got started over on the running room board, but it is so funny! i'll often sign in to the daily morning thread and broadcast that it will be a rest day for me, then report back later in the day indicating that i had an insanely long run or swim or something like that..

well, a hat trick of sorts today.. a 13k 87 minute tempo run this morning, 40 minutes of speed work in the afternoon, then a slow/gentle hour evening run. 30.3k in total today in just over three hours.

the plan will be to go at it again hard tomorrow. this is part of my strategy for building up endurance and fitness, and weight loss.


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cassi said...

Well, I guess 30K is a rest day for you, relatively speaking. LOL.
Hope the weathr won't be too hot for your next 'rest day'.