Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15, 2009 - not much of a taper!

well, i managed to run 115.7k this week, my second highest weekly total of the year. not exactly the most restful way to prepare for a very hilly Halifax Marathon. But it is what it is. Mississauga last week was a great learning experience as i found out that even with 20 more pounds than last year, i can hold a BQ pace, even without proper rest, and with well over-worked knees. the catch is to come into one of these well rested so the knees won't give out.

anyway, halifax is going to be a fun run. i will not be looking for a 3.45.59. i will plan to start out at 4.11.00 pace and see how it goes. i know there are hills but really don't know how many, how big, or how often. i'm thinking this may actually be my first ever negative split marathon (running the second half faster than the first). but the catch will be to see if i can break the 4.08.53 that i ran last week.

anyway, it was a very windy day here but warm (16 degrees) so i had a great deal of time outside for running (11k) and walking (probably another 10k).

hoping for a restful and routine travel day tomorrow, which will lead into what i hope will be a fun and exciting experience. running the marathon in my original home town will be quite sentimental. looking forward to adding this one to my list. and more importantly, looking forward to completing the '5 marathons in 30 days' challenge!

well, i updated my website today

noticed that geocities is going to be discontinuing their services later this year, so that is disappointing. i have been creating and managing geocities websites since 1998. guess i will have to find a new free service provider. anyway, check the site out. it's got a bit of a new look these days!


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