Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009 - update

wow, logged lots of junk miles this week, but they all add up, at least some how.. think i am down another pound or two this week. had a rather aggressive 9k run home from the beach today with a heavy backpack, and managed to feel strong all the way through. had a nice 3k swim in the pool yesterday...

wow, i'm up to 111.5k run in the past 6 days, including the Halifax Marathon..115.7k the week before that. not exactly what i had planned, but i guess when the weather is nice, it's tough not to go out for some extra runs.. oh well, it's all good for now.. weight loss in the focus and extra km won't hurt, just as long as i manage the knees and ensure they get the rest they need leading into whenever the next big race will be.

speaking of races, i'm leaning towards skipping the half marathon this sunday that i signed up for. don't really wanna go out for a fun run and post a miserable score 'on the record.' i want my first official half to be a good one!


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