Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 18 & 19 2009 recovery runs going well

well, three separate short gentle runs on monday and tuesday add up to 10.7 and 14.2k of daily running respectively. enough to get a good work out yet not allow the micro muscle damage from the marathon to recover. more gentle running planned daily for the rest of the week, as well as a return to the pool for some more aggressive work outs. dropped another 2 pounds in the past week. going to pay extra special attention to what i eat over the coming weeks to see if i can lose more.

the "not so hilly" half marathon this sunday in Mount Pearl, NL is going to be a game time decision to see whether or not i even show up. don't want to over to it on the knees. i really want to get myself into peak marathon-ready condition for a potential mid-to-late june run. which, if i don't run an official race, will be a dress rehersal training run for my july 26 marathon.


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