Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 20, 2009 - the waiting game

well, i have had 4 job interviews in the past month.. so far, no calls offering me work. it's frustrating playing the waiting game like this.. oh well, running and swimming can offer a positive diversion from those worries.. i got over to the pool for a light 2k swim on May 20, and actually went out for 4 separate short easy runs, totaling 16.9k! i've run 42k in 3 days since running the Halifax marathon.. not exactly a textbook recovery schedule, but it's all about the daily management of the knees, and so far, they feel a little better each day..

will probably reduce the workload today (May 21) . probably a 6-10K run this morning, and a 2-3K swim this afternoon..


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