Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 10, 2009 - Mississauga Marathon

8k 41:03
Half 1:51:19
25k 2:13:53
final 4:08:53

well, not bad considering my knees were sore yesterday while walking around the expo. not bad considering this is my 4th marathon in 22 days. not bad considering my current level of health & fitness, and not bad considering i didn't get a very good sleep the last 2 nights.

the Goal A was to run at 3.45.59 pace and see if i could keep it up, and i managed to keep the pace up to 28k. i felt good but the knees didn't. had to slow things down on that account. Goal B, which was my original goal, was to just run 5 marathons in 30 days and stay injury-free. overall, i am pleased with the run today. it was a good indicator for where my fitness/endurance/knees were at.

Pictured here is me running just ahead of the 3.45.00 pace team around the 25k mark.

next week in Halifax will likely be a very slow and gentle run on account of the tough hills. not quite sure how much running i will do this week. i'm quite sore now in the knees. everything else seemed to hold up fine.

that's my 16th career marathon in exactly 104 weeks. so i guess my 3rd season is now officially under way.. lol


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