Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 11, 2009 - recovery run

well, the knees felt better today but interestingly enough, the upper leg muscles were quite stiff. i went out for a gentle 6.3k run, so i guess they couldn't have been that bad..

as excited as i have been about running a fater marathon in mississauga, i still feel embarassed knowing that my health and fitness is much worse than it was last year. i kind of liked running at the front of the pack and it is not fun seeing people fly by me towards the end of runs this year.

oh well, after halifax, i am going to focus on weight loss for the next 2 months. i am quite confident that if i can get my weight back down to where it was last year at this time, that i should be able to sustain a 3.45 pace for the duration of a marathon..

this will actually be an interesting test with regards to the hormone replacement therapy. in theory, it should be equally as hard (or as easy) for me to run a 3.45 two years after my surgery; as it was to run a 3.15 prior to it. i suppose in theory, i should be able to run a 3.30 after one year since surgery.. and if i can get myself into even better shape, there's no reason to think that i couldn't run a 3.15!


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