Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009 - impromptu long run. Oops, so much for tapering!

oh my, so much for self-discipline.. 28.3k of running today (albeit slow and gentle running) spanned throughout the day with lots of breaks.. couldn't resist being outside in this first spring-like day of the year here in Nfld. the knees are actually not too bad! guess i have officially recovered from the Mississauga Marathon if i can do that!

....Wow! the Government of Saskatchewan wants to interview me for a job that sounds very similar to the work i have done here in Nfld for most of the past two years.. how ironic would this be? Sask is the one province that i have never visited as of yet.. In addition to the possibility of scoring a great job, i am sure there are lots of flat roads to run on out there! this could be the lucky break i have been waiting for!


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