Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17, 2009 - Halifax Marathon

just a quick update....

4.08.33 in Halifax today, shaving off 20 seconds from my time last week.

extremely sore knees for the duration of the race forced me to go at a slower than usual pace, but it also meant that i was able to run at a consistent pace, hence scoring my first official negative split...

62, 63, 61, 62.5 minutes for each quarter. it was fun flying by so many people on the second half. the hills in dartmouth in the second half were really challenging, and there was no security on the course in the second half. a little girl was riding a tricycle on the course and almost ran me over at the 41k mark. not exactly what marathonners want to have to deal with as they prepare for a finish..

fun to run in my home town for the first time, but i will probably never run that one again..

a more detailed report to follow tomorrow...

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