Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 26, 2009 - not a rest day

funny how many of my days that start out as 'planned rest days' end up being run and or swim days.. lol not a very good night's sleep for me. i slept in a little later than usual today and finally looked out the window around 10 am and saw snow! yikes!

by 1.30 pm, i decided that i had enough rest and walked over to the pool for a gentle 2.5k one hour swim.. then it was a gentle 2k of running to the pond.. nice to get a light work out that essentially will act as a rest day for the knees.

i'm still feeling upset over my recent romantic break up. this is clearly going to take a while to get over.. hopefully i can use running and swimming as a distraction to help me get thru these tough emotional times..

good news, i am down a few more pounds lately. looks like i will hit my monthly goal of dropping down to 185. that's 10 pounds lost since march 1. this will be 10 pounds lost out of the 24 i gained between sept/08 - feb/09. i'm heading back down in the right direction! this healthier nutrition regime i have taken up as of late is working!


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