Friday, October 10, 2008

October 9, 2008 - light run

nice little 3.6k run after work today. a work colleague from out of town wanted to join me for a run so we had a nice light jog down the street and around the pond. the knees are still a little sore. but this is to be expected. the past two weekends have featured an extremely high amount of k.

my weight continues to rise. this is definitely not good. up to the high 170s now. and yikes, i have only had 4 trips to the pool in the past 20 days. this is going to change this weekend though.. not sure about the running, but there's definitely going to be some long and hard swims.

i am also determined to finish putting that stationary bike together.. i'd like to drop 2- 3 pounds between now and oct 19.


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