Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008 - out with a whimper

well, there's no way i could ever live up to last year's Halloween. it was a very special milestone in the history of my life - the legendary Pink outfit that shocked the world, er, at least shocked everyone in the office.. this was their first real look at "Jennifer" .....i wore the same outfit today as a tribute to the day, and was met with general indifference, which is exactly what i wanted!

i went for a little run at lunch and then spent 5 hours sitting at home where i met a grand total of 4 kids who were brave enough to knock on my door, all together very early in the evening... can't believe i passed up my evening swim for that :(

i went out for a second run on the day, bringing the daily count to 6.1k and pushing me to 300.9k on the month, my 4th lowest total on the year..

generally, October sucked for me. i dread stepping on the scale tomorrow for what i think will be a 5 pound weight gain on the month..

it was a month that saw the most disappointing road race (Cape to Cabot) for the one that meant the 2nd most to me all year (Eastern Marathon was the only one i wanted more).

a month to deal with the frustration of being on hormone dosages that are too low to give me the desired feminization affects, yet high enough to hit me with side affects - cramping/dehydration issues, exhaustion, fatigue..

not all was lost.

- Oct 3-4 saw me run 60k within a 24 hour period, only the 5th time in my life doing that.

- Part of that was a 42.2k run on Oct 3 that represented my 33rd overall marathon on the year.

- that was also the day of a bonus "summer weather" day that lead me to run to the beach, a place i love so much.. for my last swim in the ocean on the year.

- the thanksgiving long weekend featured 44.7k run in 2 days, then a mega swim on the monday that was 10.1k non-stop in 224 minutes.

- and then i outdid that swim on Oct 26 by hitting both pool sessions for a total of 11k in 212 minutes.

i am determined to make November a good month. i want PB monthly distances both on the road and in the pool. and i want to drop those 5 pounds that i gained in Oct. i have to go out of 2008 at least 1 pound lighter than i entered.. that's where i'm at now... lol


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