Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 28 & 29, 2008 - two good days!

geeze, now i am getting sluggish with these updates... lol

Oct 28 was excellent. i had a very strong 73 minute swim, covering 3.5k. also ran 6k.

Oct 29 was equally as good. a 38 minute swim covering 2.1k, including some sprints.. then 10k of gentle running.. very energetic throughout the activities..

yesterday also featured me giving an interview to a Kinesiology student who was working on a paper regarding transsexualism in athletics (gee, i still can't believe people see me as an "athlete") it was a good discussion. we spoke about the issues transsexuals face as to athletic organizers in terms of if/when/how transsexuals should be allowed to compete for their new sex. the big gap here is that there's no place for those "in transition" ...sure, it's great that i will be able to run marathons in 2011 as a female, but what about 2009? is it fair for me to be competing as a male?

we also talked about the concept of "duty to accomodate" and the needs for 3rd change room options.

amazing day here in newfoundland. 17 degrees at lunch hour, prompting me to run home and get my bikini out for a swim in the chilly pond!


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