Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 4, 2008 - running til exhaustion.. lol

well, that was a tough 44.1k yesterday. lots of hills. i had a good night's sleep and woke up and had a little breakfast and felt like going for a morning run to see how much i could add to my total within a 24 hour window. after 10k, i essentially ran out of steam and had to stop. there's only so much a body can do with 8 hours to recover. i ended up logging a total of 60k within the 24 hour period, so nowhere near my personal best of 85k, but it was a good overall run and i know i have dropped a few pounds through these efforts (the real reason for doing this).

after a nap, i went down to the running room and registered for the CIBC run for the cure 5k. then i ran down town and watched an AHL hockey game, an exhibitiong game between Hamilton and Manitoba. funny that they would come all the way to Nfld to play. then i ran home. so it was 30k on the day.

my legs are sore and my energy stores have been drained so it is going to be a light sunday. i'm still gonna run down to the lake and do the CIBC 5k and then run home, but that will totally be it. the afternoon will feature me watching NFL on tv and resting.. lol


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