Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 11 & 12, 2008 - big swim and run combo

what a good saturday. started by sleeping in til 11 am. a much needed long sleep after a week of stayingh up late a few times. dragged myself over to the pool for a nice 2k swim, then spent the afternoon running - 25.7k in total. also took time to visit both left and kent pond and enjoy the fall colours. the duckies were still at the pond and were glad to see me as usual.

Saturday night featured some relaxing inside watching some US college football. that stuff is so exciting to watch and the fans really get into it with school spirit.

Sunday started off with another sleep in and an excellent 4k swim, which i completed in 74 minutes, about 10 minutes faster than usual for that distance. sandwiched around a couple of 3k runs.

now i am settling in to watch some NFL football, then likely head back out for more running.

Monday is going to feature a short run and a mega endurance swim. possibly the longest swim of my entire life. my goal is to swim the entire 3:45:00 swim session and cover 11k. should be fun!


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