Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 20, 2008 - unplanned sprint!

i wasn't planning on running today, but i got a last-minute call from rogers and literally ran from the office to home and then back to the office to ensure that i was able to let the repair team get my cable back and running, yet not miss a beat with a couple of afternoon meetings.. it was so funny.. i essentially sprinted back to the office and showed up to my meeting with a big bottle of gatorade and a towel.. lol ....for the record, it was 3 of the fastest k i have ever ran on a day after a seriously painful cramp.. lol

i'm still struggling to come to terms with my disappointing result at the 20K race yesterday. i had high hopes of a sub 90 minute run and a top 10 placement, yet finished 116 minutes and 204th. i wanted this one really badly. even more than any marathon. this was Cape Spear and Signal Hill, two of my favourite spots on the world.. it was the only race where i actually did training runs on the actual race course. i am totally shellshocked. this is going to be very tough to accept and get over..

well, the calf muscles are still hurting today. serious cramps usually cause damage that takes up to a week to heal. i even came close to breaking out in cramps again today.. i'm thinking this may have been more of a muscle fatigue issue than a dehydration issue.. lots of unanswered questions that i will have to figure out what has been going on here..


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