Saturday, October 25, 2008

October 24, 2008 - Black Ice

ok, no ice out on the roads yet (although there was a hint of snow the other day here!)

i'm of course referring to Black Ice, the latest CD release by Rock legends AC/DC, their first album of new material since 2000. i had to take a trip over to the mall to get my glasses fixed, so i popped into the record store and grabbed the CD as well. hopefully listening to this new disk will fire me up and give me some much-needed energy.. lol

it was a very sluggish 8k run and 2k swim this afternoon. energy levels not very high today. i'm still just 5 days removed from a very difficult day, the Cape to Cabot race, where i did some damage to the calf muscles.

rather than go all out, i'm going to try to reduce the speed of my running, if that's at all possible given that i am already slower.. this was the 2nd day in 3 where i couldn't even complete 3k without stopping for a walk break.. and again, once i got into the pool, things didn't go well.. it was a slow and gentle 2k swim today with lots of breaks.. then it was more running over to the mall, then a run towards home, where i stopped at the pond and walked the rest of the way.

oh well, 8k run and 2k swim is a good little work out for a week day. i'm hoping to get a good sleep tonight and test things with a longer work out tomorrow. not sure if it will be run, swim, or both, but i will intend to do at least 2 hours worth of working out..


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