Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 25, 2008 - lovely fall afternoon

well, i can't think of a better afternoon. i had a nice sleep in today and finally got myself out the door and ran over to the pond to visit with the duckies. it seems the duckies are the only thing that can cheer me up these days. you can always count on them to be cheerful and enthusiastic as long as you have bread crumbs! then i struggled to finish the run over to the pool, where i had a rather sluggish swim and an even more sluggish run home.

but after some lunch and an hour or two of rest, i went back out for another run, this time, all the way down to Quidi Vidi lake, where i got to see even more duckies, about 300 of them! and yes, i made sure all 300 of them got at least one piece of bread.. lol then i ran up Signal Hill, and did so quite well, i might add. better than last week as part of the Cape to Cabot race. then i took the time to enjoy the view from a top the hill, something i was too upset to do last week. such a spectacular view from up there. nothing else like it in the world.

then i made the slow run home, stopping at Kent's Pond to see those duckies again.. essentially finishing my lovely afternoon off where it started.. i found myself actually crying to see the sun setting and ending my wonderful afternoon..

anyway, it was home and inside for the night, where i enjoyed an evening of NCAA football on tv, a real girly thing to do.. lol


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