Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 26, 2008 - Pool-mania Marathon!

well, the day started out similar to yesterday - sleeping in late! once again, i managed to get myself over to the pond to visit my little friends, then head over to the pool. once again, the run over was very sluggish, but once i got into the pool, i actually started to feel normal energy levels.. i didn't really know how much of a swim i was going to have. i figured it would be the usual 2-3k and the exhaustion... but things went well and i decided to carry on, and on... and on...

i hit the 4k mark and felt great and decided to keep going.. incredibly, i hit 5k and was ahead of my usual schedule for that distance, and decided i might as well finish up the entire 2 hour session. i ended up at 6.25k in 119 minutes, my 6th best two hour swim ever and best since starting HRT.

but that wasn't enough, i ran home... then after a break to watch some NFL, i was back out there repeating the path.. a run to see the duckies, a run to the pool, and back in for more. i managed to sneak in 3 minutes early, so i had 93 minutes to work on a daily PB. the swim got off to a good start. i was noticably winded from the earlier swim, but carried on at a good pace. by 3k, i was ahead of pace but finally started to slow. but after getting to 3.75k and seeing that i had 20 minutes left, i picked it back up and managed to get that 11k on the day in there right in time before the buzzer. i was totally exhausted but i had completed 4.75k in 93 minutes.. after what i did earlier in the day.

overall, i hit 10k in 3.12, typing my first every attempt at this distance (i'm not convinced the distance at the other pool is the same as it always seems to take longer to swim laps over there).

then i hit a PB with my first ever 11k day swim.. time totalling 3hr 32 min.

but that's not all, my run back home actually went well. and after another refueling and football session, i decided it was time for a night run, and i went back over to the pond (no duckies this time), and back. totalling 15.2k of running.

i actually felt sad that i didn't spend much time outside today. we had a fairly nice day here.. got up to 12 degrees in the afternoon and stayed sunny all day. as much as i love my swimming in the pool, i really miss being able to swim at the ponds and beaches. oh well, this is still a rest and recovery period, if you can believe it. the calf muscles are still sore and seem to be often at risk of further cramping.. and the knees still aren't 100%. maybe by next weekend, i'll be ready for a fall run up to one of the beaches..

oh well, overall, a pretty good week for me. let's hope the one ahead is a good one too!


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