Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 14 & 15, 2008 - injury recovery

well, i have a rather bizarre injury to report. as i attempted to get out of the pool on monday, i didn't use the pool ladder. instead, i lifted myself up onto the edge from the water and pushed myself right out of the pool, as i normally do. somehow, all of my body weight was pressing against my left leg, which was in an awkward position. as i was so tired, i couldn't lift my body right out of the water immediately, so my entire body weight was pressured on my leg for an extended amount of time. probably no more than 5 seconds, but enough to cause what appears to be internal bruising. i did not run monday or tuesday, and gave it a try today for 2k but stopped due to pain. i'm now thinking i won't do any running until sunday morning.

i had planned to swim after work today but felt too exhausted to do so. it's been a very emotionally stressful week. the last visit with the family doc did not go well. she is not willing to increase my hormone dosage levels due to what i feel was bad advice given to her by some doctors in BC. the BC folks use a protocol that differs from most others, and this is definitely a conern. i have spent most of the day contacting experts in Toronto in an attempt to get them to intervene and give my doctor advice that is consistent with best-practice. bottom line, i am not getting the hormones i need at this point and my transition is essentially on hold now. very frustrating given that i thought i had overcome all hormone concerns.


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