Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008 - running update

yes i did have a light run today. 3.2k after work to the pond and back. very slow and gentle. the bruised leg is still sore but felt quite a bit better than yesterday. i suspect i will be good to go on sunday.

didn't get a very good sleep last night. felt rather lethargic all day. did manage to get out shopping with a girl friend tonight and grabbed a few new fall outfits.. tons of fun.

coffee with a friend tomorrow night planned too. wow, Jenn is actually socializing.. lol but i have missed my swim 3 days in a row, however. oh well, i suppose the rest isn't a bad thing, then again, i have probably gained another pound or two this week.

oh well, after sunday's race, i am going to try to pick it back up a notch or two with the endurance workouts. i really enjoyed the 3 hr 44 min swim on monday. i want to do some more swims like that this fall.. as well as several more 42.2k training runs.. perhaps 4 days in a row at some point.

ok, i gotta laugh at this one. someone actually set up a Facebook "event" for changing clocks next weekend.. and 187000 people so far have declined the "invite" to such event.. i guess all these folks will be showing up early for work on monday.. lol

i'm thinking i should book an "event" every time i update this site. since i know all you thousands of people reading this will be anxious to decline.. lol

ok, this is just getting silly and has nothing to do with running. i better sign off for the night..


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