Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3, 2008 - 24 hour run in progress!

the concept of the 24 hour run fascinates me. it's a race where nobody will officially DNF (did not finish) you can run as far or as short as you like. whoever runs the most in 24 hours wins!

at 12.43 pm today, i officially started the clock ticking on a trial. the goal is 100K. with a really nice weather report this afternoon, i decided to take the afternoon off work and take a run up to the pond and beach. 18 degrees is almost unheard of for Newfoundland in october. 3.7k up the hilly allandale road and into the park was a challenge. the pond was cool but warm enough for a short swim.

then it was a long run to Topsail Beach, my 12th visit there this summer! rather than carry a backpack, i just had my purse with me, and i made a few pit stops to refuel a few times. the beach was lovely and i got in for a very rare October swim in the ocean.

the sun was about to head down, so i started to make the long run back. i felt pretty good all the way through. i was quite fatigued by thje 42k mark so i decided to head home and call it a night at 44.1k. with a good night's rest, i am hopeful to get up tomorrow morning and log the remaining 55.9k before 12.43pm. it's gonna be tough though as the knees and calf muscles are quite sore. it will have to be a very slow and gentle pace. the 44.1k today took up over 5 hours of running..

overall, a great day!


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