Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 2009 - great day

pretty good job interview today... information management and privacy job in government, something right up my alley! let's hope i get this one.. my current streak in government job interviews since becoming Jennifer is 0-14.

a 2k 40 minute swim in the pool this afternoon. breathing still not great. have to work extra hard to swim what used to be a light work out.. then it was a sit in the sun and a swim in the pond, which was really nice...

then it was an evening 8k run in 46.40 again, something that used to be a light work out now seems to take it all out of me. this would be consistent with being a clot recovery victim.. other runners i know who had clots talk about the same recovery symptoms that i am having.. i still think it was a clot. i am inclined to believe the emergency room doctor over the hospital doctor..

anyway, breathing was very tough in the run and the heart rate was pounding.. ran the first 5k in 30.30. then picked it up a notch in the end with 5.00 and 3.45 minutes for the last 2 k.

the real test is going to come early next week when i will try to run a longer run at a very very slow pace... if i pass that test, then i will likely keep my date in denmark.


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