Friday, July 10, 2009

July 9, 2009 - serveral short runs

packed my back pack and ran all over town today to a series of meetings.. 15.1k today, all with a 15 pound back pack.. that's 50.3k in 3 days.. not too bad considering all things.. i find if i run slower, then the breathing is much better.. frustrating to have to slow down even more, but at least it seems tolerable..

i'm still not convinced that this is not a blood clot in my lung. i have all the symptoms of a clot recovery victim.. and until i have a concrete positive diagnosis of something else, i will assume it was a clot..

well, big day of running tomorrow.. an 8k light jog with my protegee in the morning, then a 20k late afternoon sprint from topsail beach to water street.. going to be doing a photo shoot at topsail beach for a local magazine who will be featuring me in an article for their Pride week edition, an article that focuses on me as Jennifer the Athlete (who just happens to be a transsexual).... should be fun to see what that article looks like!


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