Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PRIDE week - media coverage for Jennifer

although i did not speak at the Flag Raising Ceremony of St. John's PRIDE week on Monday July 20, 2009, i was a major focus of media attention.

local affiliates of Canada's top two TV stations were on hand and both featured me in their stories. both CBC and CTV told a story that focused on the fact that PRIDE is becoming 'more acceptable' in society as politicians apparently couldn't wait to be seen publicly supporting the event and that more and more LGBT people are becoming prominent members of society. I am apparently being portrayed as being one of thos prominent members. Although neither station interviewed me, both showed footage of me being in attendance. CTV showed a clip of me sitting in the audience and taking pictures while listening to the keynote speaker, while CBC showed me standing proud while holding a copy of the current edition of the Scope magazine, a mag that featured a cover shot and article about me and my running. The fact that the Scope, an arts and entertainment magazine, chose to feature me, an LGBT athlete on their cover, is in itself, a news story, and i think that is great!

i was also interviewed by St. John's most-listened to radio station. A clip of this interview aired on the morning news the next day. An archive of this clip can be found here:

i was also the focus of a newspaper article in St. John's most-read daily newspaper, the Telegram. A scan of the article can be found here:

..later on Monday night, there was an Opening Reception at St. John's City Hall. I was approached at the last-minute and asked to speak to the crowd, and i stole the show with a passionate yet humourous speech that recommended that people take advantage of pride week to network and learn from each other. Specifically, that members of the LGB community and their supports take the opportunity to become more familiar with the T community and get to know what issues we face. My speech was heard by over 100 people, including many promenent members of St. John's LGBT community, as well as the mayor and one of his city councillors, a local MP, and the regional representative from .

i look forward to speaking at tonight's panel discussion about my experience with the local health care system.


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