Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 17, 2009 - stats update

the paper version of the scope hit the streets today. it has been fun and freaky to see myself on display at news stands all over the city... gas stations, bars, record stores, grocery stores, etc..

lots of feedback coming in, mostly positive, which is great. i'm really glad to see that is is now considered 'cool' to have a transwoman in a bikini on the cover of an arts and culture magazine..

anyway, an interesting week of running so far as i try to balance a mixture of getting back into game shape for denmark, tapering for denmark, and learning to cope with this lung injury.

07/10/09 fri 19.5k
07/11/09 sat 21.1k
07/12/09 sun 8.0k
07/13/09 mon 22.5k
07/14/09 tues 7.6k
07/15/09 wed 17.2k
07/16/09 thurs OFF but 15k of walking
07/17/09 fri 21.2k

only one swim, and that was today. it was after most of the running so it wasn't the greatest, but it was my first swim in over 2 weeks so it was important to get back into the pool 1.5k in 38 minutes.. arms were sore from moving and rusty from inactivity.

will try to have a long run and a swim over the weekend.


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