Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 20, 2009 - pride

i attended the flag raising ceremony today for pride week. i did not speak at this event but i was hounded by media. i appeared briefly on CBC news tonight as part of a story that indicated that LGBT pride is becoming more acceptable in mainstream society - this by nature of the fact that politicians can't wait to be seen supporting the event, and by the fact that "more LGBT are becoming prominent members of society" (this being narrated as a pic airs of me holding a copy of the scope!

the fact that the scope featured me is becoming a news item itself, and i think that is great.

i also spoke to the telegram, the daily newspaper here, as well as VOCM, the most-listened too radio station here..

this evening, i attended the pride kick off reception and was given a chance to address the crowd at the last minute. there, i spoke to politicians and LGBT members about the opportunity that pride week brings for us to all network and get to know each other.. i encouraged people to speak with me and learn my specific story and learn the difference between trans and gay. i also encouraged people to come out and hear me speak at the panel discussion on health care that will take place july 22.

i also ran 9k today, had a nice visit with a friend, and had a lovely swim and suntan at the pond..

visit the family doc tomorrow and hope to get some answers to my lung issue, and hope to get back on estrogen..


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