Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12, 2009 - Mews 8K road race

first official race for me in a while. this one was very different than any other. i ran at the back of the pack with my protegee and friend who i have been training to run. in just 10 weeks, i have gotten her up to the point where she was able to run an 8k race in 64 minutes. this was a very exciting experience for her, and equally exciting for me as a coach to watch my pupil succeed and shatter her expectations, much like i did back in May 2007 when i ran my first road race..

it was great to have an easy run with no pressure on myself to perform. just to keep her positive and motivated thru a challenging run in the summer heat. my work as coach did not go unnoticed and i was praised by many of the greatest local running coach for doing such a great job!

the rest of the day included 4 hours on the beach and nearly 4 hours of walking home!

breathing is slightly better than last week so i am optimistic about the future. i am going to give it a strong test tues or wed, likely a 30+ km run, and this, combined with a family doc visit, will determine whether or not Copenhagen is a go.


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