Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009 - more summer!

more backpack running today in the hot sun! up to 26 degrees here! 21.1k in total running and did much better than yesteday. although there was a brief moment where the heat and sun got to me and i had to stop and walk for a while.. had a great time at the beach and the pond today..

will be pacing my protegee tomorrow morning on her first ever road race, an 8k. i anticipate it will be a slow and gentle run but that we will finish in good health and with a smile, and that's what matters most!

recaping totals, last week was 55.3k; this week was 90.9k. both were abbreviated due to taking 3 days off to move.. that in itself was probably the most challenging 3 days of the year. even tougher on the body than all those spring marathons i did.

i am finally starting to see minor improvement in my lung capacity, although there's still something wrong and the doctors still can't figure it out..

up to 2183.7k on the year now! still uncertain about whether or not i will be deemed healthy enough to travel to denmark for a marathon on july 26. will probably make the official call at the end of next week. i am assuming i am going and will plan a fairly taperish couple of weeks in anticipation.


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