Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19, 2009 - much better

well, i didn't particularly feel good this morning but i dragged my butt out of bed for a meeting with someone that is looking for a running coach. we had a great chat and i have decided to work with this person, giving me 2 students! i am really thinking seriously about looking into formal credentials so i can actually start a business or get a job in this field.. but for now, some volunteer work will get me some experience and some good references, i hope!

once again, i set out for an afternoon long run, but quit after 10k. frustrated, after a few hours break, i forced myself to get back out there for more, and it went much better. i did an 8k set, took a break, and went back out for 13 more! that's 31k run in 3.26.41, over a span of just under 7 hours. this was a much-needed confidence boost. seems if i am having a good day, i can run these long distances as long as i take things slow. i am feeling great and feel as if i could run more. but i won't.. lol

gonna try to have an early night and see what tomorrow will bring.. 3 really nice summery days in the weather forecast here, so i suspect there will be plenty of outdoor running, swimming, and sun tanning.. plus, pride week is here, which i will be involved with to a certain extent.. really looking forward to it.. then it's off to the airport for denmark on thursday!


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