Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 8, 2009 - long slow distance

well, it was a 5k warm up with a friend around noon today, then a rather serious attempt at a half marathon training run. with a move, i needed a new drivers licence with my updated address, so i made the 10k run out there and then the 10k run back. pushing it as hard as i could, i managed to get out there with a buzzer beater of exactly 60 minutes. the run was quite challenging towards the end as i had to slow down to take a few walk breaks.

after a fast 24 minute visit to get my new licence, i was back on the road running home.. a major hill climb slowed me down a few minutes at km 13, and general fatigue slowed me further as i hit the last few km. 66 minutes to get back home.. so basically, i gave it all i could for 20k and was practically exhausted for the rest of the day after that..

now, i was still very sore from my moving.. so it was not as if i came into this fresh.. but it was still not a very optimistic run. i am just 18 days away from the world outgames marathon and if things don't improve soon, i will be cancelling the run and the trip..


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