Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16, 2009 - scoping things out!

i'd like to acknowledge the scope for their beautiful cover shot, and article on me in today's paper.

...and to specifically thank them for including a link here to my blog. as many of you will be reading this site for the first time, i'd like to welcome you. and say thanks for dropping by.

my actual website is this is where you will see details of me, my running, my transition, my recent news, and links to other important sites..

this particular blogsite that you are at now was initially set up to report on a training challenge i created for myself in August 2008. back then i intended to run 31 unofficial marathons in 31 days as a health and fitness strategy. in the end, i didn't quite make it, but the legacy of this blog lives on as i use this site to report on my daily running, as well as my general news of the day..

being in the media is scary, but i feel it is important to take advantage of any opportunity to help provide education and awareness to society about transsexualism both for my benefit and for others.

anyway, thanks to the Scope for writing about me and my running story. it is fun to be in the media as a transsexual athlete and transsexual advocate, and not just simply for being transsexual.

as mentioned, i am a perfectionist, so for the record, to clarify, it was 3 marathons within 8 days and 5 marathons in 30 days.. not 5 in 9 days.

one other thought, although they cite the term Gender Identity Disorder, this term is generally regarded as politically incorrect and out of date. i am not a mentally insane person. i am a woman who's biological make up is not consistent with being a woman (i.e. i require physical intervention in the form of surgery and hormone replacement therapy to turn my body into a female, hence matching my identity as a woman).

one more update, i will be going to Denmark. this is now confirmed! my breathing issues have improved slightly since conducting that interview. i am disappointed that this marathon will not be me at my best, but ultimately, this is not about finishing times, this is about participation, and i have determined that i will be fit enough to finish this run in good health, so long as i take it slow and easy.

it was a thrill to see the World Outgames ( adopt and accept my policy development proposal for transsexual athletes, and it will be exciting to become the first person in world history to run a marathon (or participate in any other sport for that matter) in this category. i am also looking forward to participating in a swimming event, the very next day, in the same category.

finally, as mentioned, i will be speaking at a Panel Discussion on the state of LGBT health care matters in St. John's, as part of Pride week. this event occurs Wed July 22 at 7 pm. more information available here:

i will specifically be speaking about the following:

1) an overview of me and the transition process i am following
2) an overview of global best practices for trans health

3) a series of personal experiences that highlight:

- challenges with Nfld not having a formal trans health protocol
- challenges in finding willing medical professionals to work with me because of that
- burden of having to travel away from Nfld to get services
- burden of having to pay for most of my health care and travel costs out of pocket

4) illustrations as to how and why our health legislation is discriminatory and out of date and needs to be revisited.

5) my recommendations for next steps

Dr Joan Quinn, a health professional in St John's who is well known as an LGBT health expert will also be on the panel and will provide comments and reactions to my testimonial.

there will also be a discussion about the issue of gay men not being allowed to donate blood.

we will also hear from two other panelists, including a transsexual man. this is certain to be an interesting, informative, entertaining, and controversial event.. c'mon out if you have nothing else on your agenda wednesday evening!

since i've got your attention, i also want to introduce myself as a recently-laid-off public servant. i was a senior policy and planning analyst with the provincial government for most of the past 2 years. i am currently looking for work in an environment that will allow me to utilize and showcase my skills in project management, organizational and business development, managing change, policy development, and information management and protection. i also have experience delivering training and facilitating business negotiations. i also have experience as a health and fitness and running coach. if you know of anyone looking for a talented person to come work for them, please let me know!

and yes, please do check out my website...

thanks for reading and come back tomorrow!


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