Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 10, 2009 - long day

4.5k gentle run this morning around the pond went well. topsail beach was great. photo shoot was fun and the sun tanning and swimming in the ocean was something i have waited 9 long months for! 20k run back into the city turned into a 15k run and a 5k cab ride due to time constraints (had a 7 pm meeting to get to...) that run was very slow and tough as i was tired from a long day, the heat, and a 15 pound back pack. it was also a wake up call as to just how much tougher it is for me to run with a back pack than it was last year..

i am proud to announce that i have gotten re-involved with the st john's pride week planning committee. specifically, i am part of a sub commitee that is organizing a panel discussion that will take place July 22 in st. john's. this will be a panel discussion about LGBT health care issues. specifically, 4 members of the LGBT community will give testimonials about their experiences and concerns with the local public health care system, and then 4 health care providers will react to these testimonials with comments and suggestions.. in addition to organizing the event, i will also be one of the participants.. it seems like a win win situation for me as i will have a chance to network and show off my skills in planning and management, have a chance to lobby health care officials regarding some of my very serious concerns, and have a chance to do something fun, exciting, and valuable for society!


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