Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 22, 2009 - swim

2k in the pool today in 41 minutes. this was my best swim since May! really feeling good now about my level of understanding of where my lung issue is at.. i am looking forward to a great trip and a great run and swim...

i spoke at Memorial University here in Nfld here tonight as part of a Panel Discussion about LGBT health care in the province, as part of PRIDE week. i told a passionate story of struggling to find health care products and services, and having to pay out of pocket for most of the ones i could find. i politely challenged policy makers and politicians (none of who bothered to show up) to work together with the LGBT community to bring our policies, prodecures, protocols, and legislation up to date with what the rest of the world is doing..

The newspaper showed up and i expect a story and photo in the Telegram tomorrow!


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