Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 28, 2009 - long run

well an interesting day for me. got up a little earlier than usual for a weekend and headed out for a long run. i did my usual loop to the mall and back, twice. that was 17k in 1.41.00, which was not too bad of a time given the snow and ice and wind i had to run thru. i was exhausted at the end. hitting the wall this early into a long run is not something i am used to. i may have to go even slower in the future.

after a short break, it was off on a run to middle cove beach. the run up there (9.4k) went fairly well. energy stores were low but i managed to struggle thru it and get to the beach in 56.30. i hit the brink of total exhaustion upon arrival though and could barely enjoy my time at the beach.

after 40 minutes, i decided to give it a go to return home but 2k into the run, i was down to a slow walk. after walking 3k, i hit a store and grabbed some chocolate milk and chocolate bars. this gave me a little energy and i was able to run in a few more k.

after a nice warm bath and a bite to eat, i took a light jog over to the pond to feed the duckies, and then it was out for a dinner with someone special.. we had a good time, even though my knees were sore and i was exhausted.. lol

35.8k of running, which brought my weekly total to a respectable 83.7k, and my month to 353.1k. i also clocked in 821 minutes in the pool this month for 37.6 km

the biggest shock is that i somehow managed to gain 10 pounds! clearly in part due to the hormones having a greater affect, and my poor selection of food (way too much chocolate and ice cream).

now comes the task of trying to drop weight in march while running less. it's gonna be more pool time for sure. after getting down to 165 pounds last summer, i am now back up to 195! and this is will clearly make running tougher on the knees, and the system as a whole.

well, i've definitely got my work cut out for myself..


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Ainsley said...

Am wondering who your new sweetie is (Feb 28th note)and how you gained 30 pounds (165-195)? Judging from new pic, choco ice cream and bars look good you you! MA