Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 11, 12, 2009 - reflections

well, it was a sunny afternoon yesterday so i did an abreviated version of my weekend run down to burton pond, quidi vidi lake and kent pond. the snow has actually melted off so i could actually sit down on the grass to feed the duckies. it's so fun to have them come right up close to me. nothing quite like a bunch of enthusiastic animals all giving you their undivided attention.. it's great to feel wanted and appreciated, even if it is only because i have snacks.. lol

took in day one of a first aid training course today. a good skillset to gain both for myself as a runner, and for others.. 10k of running today to and from the training centre. felt pretty good today, although the general lack of energy continues to make it more of a challenge.

can't decide whether or not to fork out big bucks to buy neil young tickets. i used to go to so may concerts, buy haven't been to very many since moving to Newfoundland.. this got me thinking back to all the fun times i had in years passed with my old friends in the USA. i haven't seen them all for so long.. it's sad to know that most of my closest friends are so far away..

well, there will likely be another 10k tomorrow, and maybe a swim if i feel up to it (i've been cutting back my evening swims this week in favour of rests, which isn't ideal, but seems to be a neceessity.. not really sure what i will do for the long weekend ahead. i'd love to try a saturday-monday double marathon as a dress rehersal for april, but i may end up resting some more..

a very sad and somber day here in newfoundland as a major helecopter crashed 60k off shore into the ocean while en route to an oil rig. 16 locals are missing and feared dead..

very tough day overall for me with tons of emotions and crying sessions.. hoping tomorrow will be better both emotionally, and physically..


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