Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15, 2009 - don't beware of the ides of March!

well, i had a pretty good sleep and just knew that it was going to be a great day. the sun was shining, the temp was slightly above freezing, so off i went on what was to be a very long run.. i ran down to quidi vidi lake after a brief stop at kent's pond. the 3.8k trail around the lake that i discovered yesterday was flatter than the 5k road course, so i decided to do as many trail laps as i could until i was literally unable to continue.. lol i took my time and had lots of short gatorade and gel breaks, and after 4 hours, decided to pack it in after a total fo 32k. what a great place for a run. the water is so beautiful and lots of lovely feathered friends in the vicinity to say hello as i run by..

after a brief rest, i made the slow long uphill walk back home, and then took a nice long relaxing bubble bath. i am completely exhausted but it's one of those positive exhaustion feelings you get after a great work out. what a sense of accomplishment... after struggling to get over to the pool yesterday, and after balling my eyes out in the change room after the swim due to disappointment, it's hard to believe i would venture out for 57k more of running in the next 27 hours! that's 59.8k in two days, plus the 3.1k swim. not bad for a weekend.

the knees actually feel pretty good. if it wasn't for the exhaustion, i would have run more. but then again, it's probably a good thing as i will likely recover enough to have another mega endurance day tomorrow (st paddy's day is a stat holiday here in Newfoundland for Government employees). i'm thinking about a 3-4 hour swim tomorrow morning, and then a bit of running.

ahhh, time for a nap!

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