Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009 - spring running!

first day of spring brought warnings of a major snow storm to st john's tomorrow, so i decided to get in a LSD (long slow distance) run today, a nice little 34.7k stroll to the laser clinic, then the doctor office, then back home... taking me over the 1000K mark on the year!

...great report from the family doc today. tests reveal that i have practically no testosterone in my body. i'm actually in the lower quarter of the female range. my estrogen levels are also consistent with female norms.. she also took note of the progress regarding other bodily feminization in terms of weight redistribution, muscle tone change, and breast development.. overall, things are progressing nicely and i am generally in great health (other than the sore knees, of course.. lol)

other major news of interest, the Boston Athletic Association has changed their mind and has agreed to let me run in the female category. this is great news, as i will never have to run as a male ever again.. i will now happily abandon my 3 gender categories world record registration..

on that note, i have been seeded 7587 for the Boston Marathon. Not bad considering there are over 27500 runners!


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