Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 13, 2009 - First Aider

well, i successfully completed the 2 day first aid course; hence, i am now an officially certified first aider as per the St John Ambulance protocol. the goal of a first aider is to provide primary care to an injuried individual until professional help arrives. this includes taking steps possible to preserve life in an individual who requires assisted breathing and/or attempting to revive an individual who's heart has stopped beating. it also included how to stop bleeding and secure injuries, how to deal with toxic chemical spills, poison consumption, etc.. and dealing with heat stroke, hypothermia, etc..

another 10k of running today. the right knee got tweaked a bit when i ran hard to catch a stoplight when i wasn't properly warmed up. but i don't think the injury will keep me down. in fact, as i type this on the morning of the 14th, i feel it is fine for me to resume my regularly-scheduled weekend work out activities.

had a nice carb-loading dinner last night and it appears i am up another 2 pounds this week, so i am gonna have to get out there and burn it off.. lol


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