Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28, 2009 - you go girl! (slowly)

the fans were out to cheer me on in the infamous Get Lucky 5K road run to raise money for arthritis research. it was a slow 24.00 5K for me, which represented the absolute best effort that i could muster this morning. definitely a far cry from the 19.37 i ran last year on the same course. but heck, it's to be expected with the loss of testosterone, the weight gain due to estrogen therapy, etc.. overall, it was a very consistent run that gave me confidence that i am in tune with exactly where my fitness levels are at as i go into 3 weeks of wind-down as the final prep for my massive undertaking in april.

i ran again later in the day to feed the duckies and to get over to the pool, giving me 11.1k run and 2k in the pool today. felt very good throughout the day. this rest week (only 38.3k of running) has certainly proved to be helpful as the knees are feeling MUCH better than they were last week. it's gonna be three more easy weeks (probably in the 50k range) combined with what i hope to be an increase of swimming.

traditional marathon training programs call for a rather aggressive long run 3 weeks before race day, so i may go out and give it a good go tomorrow. probably a semi long run that will be supplemented with a long swim.


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