Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7, 2009 - second wind out of nowhere!

not quite sure what was wrong with me today. i had a fairly good sleep and was ready for an endurance day, but i practically had no energy. i couldn't even complete the 4k run over to the pool. i stopped after 3k and walked the rest.. after a break, i got into the pool and started out really slow and struggled for a full hour, and then amazingly enough, i gained a 2nd wind.. or perhaps a first wind! i swam another 30 minutes and did much better.. then i headed back out and ran over to the mall for a little shopping.. then made the 5k jog home while carrying 5 bags of junk.. lol that was probably the toughest 5k of the year so far.. lol

9k of running and 4.4k of swimming in what was a rather strange day.. no idea what's in store for tomorrow.


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