Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8, 2009 - take it to the limit

happy 63rd birthday to rock legend Randy Meisner, writer and singer of one of the greatest country-rock songs of all time, the Eagles - Take It To the Limit.. and that's what i did today, with a sunny day with low winds and a temp above freezing (slightly) it was perfect timing for an excellent 32.2k long slow distance run. the run featured several stops at lakes and ponds to visit and feed the lovely duckies and the infamous Barry the Goose. so nice to see the ponds actually melting! i contemplated going the full 42.2k but decided to pack it in after 32.2 and save my knees. i feel pretty good tonight and shouldn't have any problem getting back to my regular routine tomorrow.. hoping for a full week of running and swimming.

on another note, i want to publicly congradulate fellow lady Newfoundland runner, Kate Vaughan on a great showing this weekend as she represented Canada as part of Athletics Canada's Track team that competed in Florida this weekend. Kate ran 6k in a very respectable time of 22.01. way faster than i have ever done! great run Kate!


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