Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 24, 2009 - speeding!

well, i found myself behind schedule this morning and literally had to sprint 4k to get myself to a dr appt on time. i was surprised to cover 4k in just 18 minutes, a very respectable time given my decline in fitness.. i ran another 6k later in the day at a slower pace. the knees are feeling better after a couple of rest days..

rough day overall, including a job interview that didn't go very well. the spotlight continued to shine on me in the evening as i delivered a presentation to the Dept of Justice, who are conducting a review of the Human Rights Code. i gave a spirited presentation that on the concept of adding 'gender identity' and 'gender expression' to the code under ground of discrimination. i gave a series of real-life practical examples of discrimination i face on a regular basis from both individuals and society as a whole. i also took the opportunity to network and let people know that i am being let go by my employer and am hence looking for work. the media took note of everything i had to say and i could be given the opportunity to speak with them further to tell my story.. definitely something that will have pros and cons..

another mega snow storm is apparently on the way in st. john's so i am not sure what sort of running i will get in on wednesday. i haven't been over to the pool since sunday so i am hopeful to have a nice long swim.


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