Friday, March 27, 2009

March 26, 2009 - slushy run

well, the snow finally stopped and the temp started to climb above freezing. combine that with one of the world's worst municipal government snow clearing programs in world history, and you have what amounts to very slushy and nearly unrunnable sidewalks. but that wasn't enough to stop me. i plowed my way through 7k of slush to ensure that i got a decent work out today. i missed out on my evening swim on account of a social event. it's been a restful week physically but a very emotionally draining one too. the energy levels aren't too bad. the reduced workload of runs and swims has helped the legs, specifically the knees, with healing.

i am going to plan to race in a 5k event this saturday so that should be an interesting test to see where i am at in terms of speed capabilities..

friday will likely be a rest day too. with perhaps 1-2k of running.


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