Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14, 2009 - resurrecting a dead day

gee, quite the strange day.. was up fairly late last night but slept in til 10 am. had a fairly decent sleep. just couldn't get things going this morning. i could barely make the 3.5k run over to the pool today and found myself crying even before i started the swim.

once in the pool, i took it extra easy, knowing that it appeared to be another low-energy day.. the swim went well considering all factors. i went for 65 minutes, covering 3.1k. a far cry from the 5k i wanted but still a fairly decent swim.. again, i found myself balling my eyes out in the change room afterwards.. the run home wasn't much to write home about either..

after a 2 hour break, i was so angry that i decided to bolt out for a long run even if it killed me. i went at a gentle pace and planned several stops at the ponds to visit friends that could cheer me up.. the run actually went well, and i seemed to get stronger as the afternoon went on. i did my usual jaunt down to quidi vidi lake and around the 5k road around the lake. at this point, i seemed to gain strength (although battling sore knees) so i decided to take a lap around the 3.8k trail, then took the trail back up thru the city towards my home. but that wasn't enough. i did a lap around kent's pond to close the day.. giving me a very respectable 27k running on the day.

ending the week with a relatively high 97.6k; bringing my annual total to 898.7k, the equivalant of running across newfoundland..


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