Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16, 2009 - hat trick

wow, another strong day for me.. 18k run and 2.2k swim... the day started bright and early with a rare 8 am wake up on a holiday. i was excited about the potential for the day.. nothing quite like the 3rd day of a 3 day endurance challenge. it is such a struggle, but it feels so good to accomplish anything after a 2 day workout that would land most people in the hospital.. lol

well, it started with me barely able to walk, but after a 1k walk, i was actually able to start a jog.. got myself over to the pool quite comfortably and then got off to a good start, but quickly faded.. 50 minutes to cover 2.25k and that was it for me. a slow walk over for a slice of pizza and a visit with the duckies had me feeling good, although slightly disappointed, about my morning.

after a 3 hour break at home, i was back out there for a run. went down to quidi vidi lake and did a lap, the took the long way home to stop off at the mall to grab a few things. then it was one more trip to the pond where the duckies seemed extra excited to see me. guess not too many other folks ventured out into the -10 cold day to feed them. i actually had the duckies walking out to the middle of the frozen pond to follow me and my bread.. it's so fun to get them running after me.

well, that's 77.8k running and 5.35k swimming within a 53 hour time period.. quite the confidence builder for me after a very sluggish week. i'm feeling much better than i did a few days ago about my chances of doing well next month in charlottesville, boston, and waterloo. it's going to be quite the trip, that's for sure!

well, as many of you know, there was a helecopter crash last week here just off the coast of south eastern Newfoundland. they recovered 9 bodies this morning from the sunk helecopter wreck.. a funeral was held today for the first victim that was found the day of the crash.. such a sad story.. a 26 yr old woman who had just recently bought a house. this province is going to be emotionally hurting for quite a while over this..

well, i think it is going to be a couple of low mileage days for me this week, then leading into another triple header weekend, where i will go out long as hard as i can. then i will tone things down into taper mode for the next 4 weeks after that.


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