Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009 - mega swim!

well, i wasn't going to get too down about the weight gain in Feb. i decided i was going to go on a mission to do something about it instead! having swam just once last week, the arms were fresh, so i decided this was going to be a swimming doubleheader day - yes two trips to the pool, sandwiched around runs to and from home to the pool and to the pond..

the day got off to a sluggish start as i could barely make the 4k over to the pool. and the swim didn't start much better, but i gained strength as i went on.. those morning caffeine pills finally hit.. lol i ended up swimming the duration of the session - covering 5.2k in 104 minutes.

after a run home and some lunch, i was back out there again.. the swim was slow and steady and went well right up to the end when my arms really started to hurt. 3.8k giving me a total of 9k in the pool on the day in exactly 3 hours of swimming; my 6th highest daily total for swimming ever! ...and throw in a net of 15k running on the day, and that completes a great weekend. i think the weight is gonna drop like the stock market.. lol


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