Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14, 2009 - another day of exhaustion

wow, this day didn't last long. a very sluggish run over to the pool and an even worse swim. 2.5k in 54 minutes was all i could take. i could barely complete the run home. after a break, it was an even more exhausting 2.8k run to the pond and back to have a visit with the duckies. i attribute this to a night of poor sleeping. hopefully tomorrow will be better.



Drayton said...

Try alternating hard and easy days a little better. You seem to be going fairly hard as often as you can. Your easy days will feel sluggish from the day before's hard run but on those hard days you will feel energized and ready to rock and roll. Did you check out afterwards? It will be useful. have a good one.

Jennifer McCreath said...

yah i'm definitely going to have to schedule in some more easy days.. runningplanet looks like a good site, although i'm not sure that any of their plans would be suitable for the unique situations and goals i have set for this year.