Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8, 2009 - exhaustion

well, after 5 hours of pushing it to the limit yesterday, i ventured out for a long and challenging run this afternoon pushing myself up and down the hilly streets of st. john's. had a nice visit with the pigeons again today. had 6 of them land on my left arm all at once, as they fought over the piece of bread i was holding.

totally exhausted, i took a break to chat with some friends for a few hours, and then hit the pool for what turned out to be a pretty good 2.1k swim.

this 'base-building' exercise sure is tough. might take a day or two off this week to recover. the knees and calf muscles are quite sore, a clear evidence of over training..



Drayton said...

Knee problems are also a sign of low water intake. Not sure what yours is like but you should be ingesting about 3L per day. Give it a try and let's see how the knees are then. Don't rely too much on the sports drinks as they will pull water into your soft tissues rather than your plasma and interstitial fluid.

EagerMommy said...

Wow way to go! I found your blog through the running room and I've gotta say I'm impressed. I hope to make it to your fitness level one day!


Jennifer McCreath said...

hi eager. thanks for the compliments.

hi drayton, i'm usually pretty good with hydration. water, gatorade, orange juice, green tea.. i'm almost always drinking on something whether i am running or sitting at my desk.

i think the knees are adjusting to the extra weight i am carrying around from last year, as well as issues with running thru uneven ice and snow.. also lots of hill work as part of my long runs over the past few weeks.

but i will take your suggestion and try to focus more on pure water instead of the other stuff while idle..