Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009 - milestone birthday for a legend

ok, this has nothing to do with running but i have to wish Ric Flair, the greatest professional wrestler of all time, a very happy 60th birthday today!

i celebrated by writing him and challenged him to take up running and consider a marathon! for a 60 yr old pro wrestler to run a marathon would be a great way to validate to the world that wrestlers really are great athletes! this would also be in line with his latest professional role of being an 'ambassador' to the sport. i hope he decides to give this some consideration!

i also got the paper work today for my Guiness World Record application. these folks want a 20 page contract signed, so i am going to have to read and think carefully if this is really something i want to do.

no running and no swimming today.. this may be the first of several days off, as my knees desperate need a break.


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